High efficient flocculant system treatment for inocuos water to replace sulfate Aluminium and chlorine, compounds so hazardous for the environmental health and infraestructure of steel or iron because high corrosion.

This systems was developed for the industry of bananas in Colombia, looking for treatment water potable for the export process of the fruit to the markets from Europe under the globalG.A.P standard and for United States of America under the F.D.A protocols.

Our technical division start to make the inspection in the area of production and harvest, analysing and research about how can we satisfy got a manatial water for the process, because the company had many troubles with Crown Rot in the ports of Europe and USA, furthermore that trouble of Crown Rot, high concentration of Aluminum to rivers or acid water, hydrogen ion activity H+ ph around 2, so high potencial of electrochemical energy; so the development allows control the pathogenics ( bacteria, virus, fungi), the DBO limit to cero, espectacular flocculant action of the particulate increasing the weight so well for sediment, NO corrosion for the pump and pipe system because the compounds are excelent designed, and still we are using other one better, tense active and vegetables extracts, they are not corrosive substances, no acid water in the process and no hazardous waste solution.

Training about the system of high efficiency potable water, and environmental research was made by Investigación Energetica Aplicada S.A.S to company Agricola Sarapalma S.A. Agricola Santamaria S.A. and Fyffes Plc.