Hazardous waste, Pyrolisis, Incineration concepts.

All our daily activities generates some waste, due its nature morfologic, can be recycle or only transforming them destroying their molecular structure by control energy process like INCINERATION, this process is the most common around the world for the special driving waste or hazardous.

here there is some technical concepts information about this thermal process where you can hear Pyrolisis, combustion, and the subproducts of the pyrolisis reactions like Dioxines, Furanes, Carbon monoxide, metals between else dangerous for environmental; therefore way, build excelents Incineration systems, under the fulfillment standards of Resolution of Environmental Ministry from Colombia for Incineration systems and the best efforts seeking to develop better systems day per day, knowing all of the risk and responsabilities with society that this technology represent for the life quality of the environmental equilibrium is our work and pasion.

Therefore we invite you to go inside the following video for listen about the process of Incineration, Pyrolisis and Gasification, scientifically in what consist the methods management for hazardous waste, that it can be transformed in electrical energy by us.


Explaining of common process to manage hazardous waste by pyrolisis, gasification and plasma


Mechanical Design, Combustion Knowledge with Automatic and control Process, operating checking of the Combustion system by Comercial Technical Director.